5 Digital Trends To Watch For In 2015

Digital trends change very quickly and staying on top of trends is challenging. Here are the top 5 trends shaping the future of marketing right now:

Long forms are gone and traditional blogging is dead. There is a content overload across digital platforms. We’re seeing the shift from blogs to tweets to snaps to emoji. Consumers prefer powerful, attention-grabbing visuals to text. As industry insiders say we’re moving from “ads as content” to “content as ads.”

Everything is mobile & shoppable. E-commerce, m-commerce, programmatic, social— it’s all mobile and commercial — from Instagram to Pinterest to Twitter to Facebook to SnapChat and digital advertising, all platforms are adding mobile shopping functionality to make the shortest possible path to purchase.

Mobile marketing & advertising are becoming hyperlocal. Onsite discovery, location-based shopping offers, and iBeacons are tracking mobile users every step of the way. Brands are catching customers in those micro-moments, as Google calls them, trying to influence consumer purchase behavior.

Our need for constant connectivity makes wearable tech hot and we’re seeing an explosion of those devices on the market. Industry experts say that our urge for individuality and customization will soon make wearable trends evolve into embeddable implants. “In our near future, technology will not only be all around us, it will reside within us” as we heard on this year’s Cannnes Lions Festival.

From smart phones, to smart watches, and smart home devices, it’s the Internet of Things that’s the buzz word of the year. Old-school products are getting smarter and connected to web and are becoming part of our reality. Brands face the imperative to be present across all devices, interfaces, and touchpoints. It’s the brave, new world after all.

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