True meaning of obeying the man

I was one of those women who would try to be the “man” of the relationship. A portion of this mentality is lack of maturity (please don’t feel offended ladies; I am trying to help you grow). Obeying your man is not something to be ashamed about. It is not about him being on a higher pedestal nor does it take away from your self-worth. Women are the essence of the earth and any man that is true to himself knows the power of a woman. A woman can move nations and throw countries in uproars.

If you can't obey your man then you don't have a man; you have a shell of one, maybe even a “wanna be”. The way I see it, if you want to be the “man” of the relationship, then find yourself a softie… but keep in mind that he may not be man enough to back you up when you need him. If you want a man that is 100% man, no additives, and he is a man that loves you dearly; then the best way to honor him is to let him be the man and obey him. I know the feminists are probably plotting my death… LOL… I’m just being real. When you have a man that loves and honors you and your opinions and what you stand for, he will always value you and never disrespect you. That is when you know you have a real man.

This takes time though… You have to trust him enough to make the best decision for the family. Not every man fits this category so don’t start obeying every man you date. Not any man should be afforded such a prestigious gift. Obedience is the highest form of love; make sure he is the one. Please don’t take this the wrong way, I'm not saying you should be treated unjustly, disrespected, and have no say in what transpires. What I am saying is structure is what keeps things in order. Take for example Jay-Z and Beyoncé. She is a strong, successful, beautiful woman; but she also lets her husband be the man. That doesn’t mean that she is not worth anything… In fact, he respects and values her; and look how strong they are together and how successful they are as individuals.

If you have children and there is a chain of command in the household, that discipline and respect will spill into other parts of their lives. If your man is the head of the household, be proud to stand behind him and be confident that he will lead you in the right position. Is a coach more of an assets than its best player? NO! They are nothing without each other and the continuity that they produce determines their success. So, the next time you feel like you have found Mr. Right, instead of making it a power struggle, disarm him with your belief in him, your trust and most importantly your Obedience.

A few years ago, I was in a long-term relationship with a great guy. Part of the failed relationship was because I wanted to overpower him. I’m in a new relationship now; 3 years, 4 months. I tried to overpower him at first, but he put a stop to it and cleared my vision on how a relationship should look. He never took away my self-worth. In contrast, he helped me become a better person and a better woman. As a couple, I stand behind him and I trust that he will make the right decisions for us. He continues to value my opinion while I allow him to be the “man” of the relationship.