Work/Life Balance and What That Means When Things Fall Apart
Nanea Reeves


I’m sorry for all that you are going through. It is quite evident that you both have not only fullfilled your vows but done so with honesty, love and actually feeling. Feeling the pain and feeling the joy.

I lost my husband after a four year journey with cancer and treatment. During his treatment I found strength and support in work. As you both, we both found an outpouring of support from our work communities/family. It’s amazing how people pull together to hold you up and “ to feel the same joy of a generous heart”.

I can’t tell you that you’ll be ok. It’s difficult once the love of your life passes on, but you will survive. You will feel immeasurable pain. But, you will have times of great pride for vic and great fortune for having shared the intimate journey of care/death together.

Sending lots of peace.

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