Holiday Time Travel

memories of the past
Wyoming bakery: from my childhood

Dateline: Cincinnati. 65 degrees. December 3.

The Ghost of Christmas present said “There is never enough time to do or say all the things we would wish. The thing is to try to do as much as you can in the time that you have. Remember Scrooge, time is short and suddenly you are not there anymore.”

We mark time in our lives through rituals and traditions. This is most pronounced during the holidays. It is often bittersweet — remembering our children’s young lives and the people who are no longer here to celebrate. And often the past was filled with the stress of too many commitments, too many schedules and not enough energy.

We pressed on. We made memories. We built a life.

And now, it is both tear jerking and heart warming.

Looking back (in our home) the memories are filled with Irish holiday music, ornaments that the girls made and those that my late mother-in-law gave us year-after-year for the tree. She wrote the year with a family members name on each.

This was important to her. And now is important to us.

Thinking that is’s not too early in the season for egg nog,