CCI + Tethered cord series

  1. Disclaimer (Nope, I’m not trying to sell nothin’!)
  2. A new diagnosis to add to the list (I stopped breathing and was diagnosed with craniocervical instability)
  3. Health update #1 (Feb 21) (Healing takes time)
  4. Are a subset of us members of a lost tribe? (On the possible connections between EDS and ME and the questions I wish researchers were asking.)
  5. Do you have ICC-ME and other FAQs (The previous post somehow had some folks thinking I have hEDS and that I don’t have ME, even though all the previous posts have conveyed the opposite. I wrote this for all avoidance of doubt!)
  6. Health update #2: My POTS is in remission (My POTS has been in remission for 21 consecutive days! — an outcome of my craniocervical fusion surgery. More on this and why I think we need to be looking at the brainstem.)
  7. Health update #3: My ME is in remission
  8. Thank you + more to come
  9. Path to diagnosis: Part I (An empty sella)