It was a fairly gloomy day last May when my dad and I stood in South Street Seaport with hundreds of other people. It had only been four months since he was released from the hospital, he still wasn’t so sure of himself. But my dad was there, ready to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with lots of people who wanted to say mental health matters.

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A year ago I wrote how my dad is a survivor of two suicide attempts. …

I’m tired, all the time, but that probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

In a world where you battle depression, I’m tired doesn’t mean “I’m fatigued and need sleep.” It means a whole lot of other things.

Some days it means I’m brain weary. I just don’t want to think right now, or ever. It means my brain has been racing too much, pondering too many things at once. My anxiety has been busy making me tired.

Other times it does mean I’m fatigued, but it’s because I just can’t sleep. For whatever reason my brain doesn’t want to slow down and let me sleep for those blessed eight hours. I’m lucky if I get five hours on those nights. …

I was a junior in college when Rangers goaltender Dan Cloutier decided he needed to beat the crap out of Islanders goaltender Tommy Salo. Everyone on the ice was fighting when Salo decided to jump into one of the fights. That’s when Cloutier came across the ice and started pounding on Salo. Then Cloutier challenged the entire New York Islanders bench.

I was in a bar that night with a few friends who also were Rangers fans, and that fight was the highlight for us. …


US news coordinator, @Storyful. Long-suffering Mets/Rangers fan. “You can run with me if you wanted to.” #IWillListen

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