Social networks: an asset for non-profit associations

When one thinks of social networks, one often thinks of people who share their life stories that their friends can “love”. But do you know that they also allow you to evolve your non-profit association? Here’s how.

  • Create a network around its association

The more people you get, the better it will be for your non-profit association. With the fashion of “hashtags” and advertising on social networks, you can very quickly make your actions and cause known. This in turn helps you recruit new members. Networks provide an immense field for donor communication.

Social media also helps you create viral content or content that spirals on its own since every member has his or her preferred network. Imagine if you share a news, and it was carried to another network on its own accord? This can go very fast and you can talk about yourself in no time.

  • Make communication free

Social networks are the best way to get to know your charity without spending a penny. Donors that follow your news, are more likely to subscribe you in the future. You can post your articles and photos on several social networks at the same time, which will allow you to be present everywhere.

Nevertheless, this communication will require a lot of time and personal investment to make your donor communication live and engaging. Some non- profit associations use a “Community Manager”. This person is the representative of your association on the web and their major role will be to talk about you and your charitable actions.

  • Keeping in touch with your community

People who are likely to follow you are potentially interested in your non-profit association. Donors, volunteers, etc. With social networks, you can keep a large audience informed with all your latest news and events. This gives them an option to maintain contact with you. You can even chat with them by messages.