23andme DNA Testing Kit Reviewed and Compared

Isn’t it wonderful and amazing to know that we all have our DNA dating back to thousands of years? It is with DNA that one can trace backward and find his or her lineage and even inherited related issues. If a person is not aware of his genetic traits or has queries related to his ailments and wishes to know if any of it comes from his genes, all that he has to do is go for DNA testing. However, with the 23andme Genetic testing kit, one can do this DNA test right from his or her home.

23andme DNA testing kit review

If you are looking for the best DNA service, 23andme DNA kit will not disappoint you. To start with, this kit allows you to collect your spit and send it to the lab of 23andme for analysis.

This is entirely legitimate and authorized by FDA, and so you need not worry about confidentiality or even the research that goes into tracing your DNA. However, it is completely up to you, to allow your specimen for all research works. Many people just wish to go ahead with this and allow the company 23andme to use this specimen for finding cures or using for medical research. This would require you to sign a consent form online. Once you send your spit specimen via their own self-addressed package, all you have to do is wait for the detailed reports.

23andme has two packages-

  1. one $99 package, which will just have the health reports
  2. second $199 package, which will have ancestry and health reports

Usually, people use the health package to know if they have any disease that might pass on to the children.

Other DNA\ancestry testing kits in the market

Where 23andme has health reports too along with ancestry tracing, there are other testing tools that just specifically trace the ancestry lineage.

  • National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 uses the next generation sequencing method to trace the ancestry. Using the genome and the exome, the tests reveal the region from where your ancestors hailed and even tell of the amount of DNA you share with a Neanderthal, and along with that, it helps in tracing the migration path that ancestors took before they reached you. The package now comes for $149.95. Since it is a non-profit venture of National
  • Geographic, many people just go for it. But it is not going to trace any health-related patterns, and this is where it does not match up with 23andme.
  • AncestryDNA is another tool in the market that also is like 23andme and uses genotypic technology to trace the ancestry line; this is ideal. However, once again it does not give any report regarding health reports or if there is any chance of any illness passing down to the next generation.

On referring these products, we have to say that if there is a lookout for best DNA service that looks at all aspects of the ancestry and even health, 23andme is the perfect.

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