What future for education?

I hope to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the process of learning for individuals including myself as a teacher. I believe that the future of education lies in the balance of tradition and technology, fostering inclusive environments that build on strengths and sharing of ideas. We are constantly learning and our environment and tools are constantly changing, so it is important to be able to adapt and use these to our advantange.

Reflecting is the process of looking back at what has already happened and considering the ‘www’ and ‘ebi’s of the situation. More of an analysis of specific points or events that took place. There is a certain element of judgement required to be able to do this well. Thinking is a process that takes place in the present looking at possible solutions to a problem in the future or how a situation could be best organised to reach a good solution. There are overlaps in these processes such as logical thinking required to fairly reflect on a lesson that perhaps did not go as well as planned.


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