Eve, Adam and the Apple.

Once upon a time there was a magical place called Eden.

Lush. Full of fruit. Green trees. Carpets of moss. Lakes & streams. A heavenly garden. Paradise found.

The story goes God, some goddess on a giant chair in the sky made a man called Adam from the clay of the earth, giving him the run of Eden, to munch and milk (except for the mighty tree of knowledge, which was off limits)

Then God made a woman, Lilith from the same red clay. Couple Heaven. Well you would think. However Adam was threatened by Lilith being his equal, so he complained to God, and God, being a super understanding being, said okay Adam. I will make a woman from your rib, so you can live in an illusion of superiority, on condition you take responsibility for her. Nurture her, love her and allow her to grow into her most evolved divine self.

Adam agreed, yes, yes, anything as Eve was born from his rib. It was all glorious. He got to be in charge. bossing Eve around, forgetting about his promise to God. Constantly reminding Eve that she was made of bone while he, he was made of mud.

God looked down on the cavorting couple and boomed okay clay people. “You have the run of Eden. Be jolly, immerse yourself in the bounty, get down in paradise. There is only one rule. The Forbidden Fruit must remain untouched during your tenancy. Break that rule and you will be banished.”

So the pair danced around, in lust with love and life. Adam preened, Eve praised. All was well. For a while.

Lilith’s fate was not discussed. She might have fallen off the edge of earth, yet nothing born to earth can be unborn, so she took her fierce underground, morphing into snake, shedding skins, composting matter into renewed life, lying in wait for the heat to rise in Paradise.

Well, pretty soon Eve got fed up with pandering to the rib donor, all the while being drawn into the lush, loamy stink of the deep forest. Eden might indeed be paradise and yet it was a prison too. What? You think that living with everything you need,without effort,day after day, breeds joy in humans? Typically it stifles the creative life force, denying human’s the heroine’s journey, dammit. Why be curious if nothing will change? How does the tree of knowledge call to us ?

Is paradise a paradox?

What was God’s plan?

In numerology (a symbolic voice of the Universe) 5 is the number of freedom, and adventure — the very breath of life. Awakening us to this moment. From conception to coffin, we are in movement. Our cells, breath and range of motion & emotion are constantly in flux.

Eve felt all of this, plus the very real frustration of being confined to her one dimensional milk sop maiden role, attending to her demanding mate.

Eve inhaled the loamy scent inherent in the number 5, daring to engage in change, by venturing into the center of the forest in Eden, drawn by the cries and whispers of the snake woman. Yes, sometimes enlightenment happens in the darkest of places. Lilith was fierce, whispering of passion and knowledge that lived beyond the walls of this pristine paradise. Well perhaps the land was exuberant, but Adam & Eve, were locked in a belief that she was his possession, made from him, made to serve him.

Eve, ignited by a fire to know the hidden mystery within the smooth golden apple, was compelled to reach for the freedom held sacred within the seeds of persimmon.

Can knowledge held in a tree, free Eve from being made of rib and not clay? Will knowing empower her enough to survive outside the walls? Do you stand behind the idea that ignorance is bliss? What would you do?

Eve resisted but the passion persisted. Till she forsook her fear, dashing up to the forbidden fruit, eyes closed, breathing in, tasting golden liquid sweetness flooding every sense. When the gates of knowledge open, your mind floods, your soul awakens.

Adam, of the clay, annoyed at how his little rib miss had gotten so difficult to handle followed Eve’s fire, imploring her to not take the risk. Why did Adam bite into the apple? According to legend, he had a good thing going. Shall we trust the tale as true, that Adam could not resist the temptation of Eve urging him on?

Would it be more accurate to say, that Adam, consumed by curiosity, waited for Eve to risk the wrath of God first?

All the while reasoning — “Let Eve take the fall, I am tired of her. I need a younger more pliable model.

God will understand if I take a swift nibble. We will make a deal…..

Once we know, we cannot un-know the knowledge of the golden apple. Neither Adam nor Eve could prepare for what would follow. It was all new.

The Gates of Eden opened. Eve rushed through following Lilith. Adam followed Eve, to the sound of God laughing, loudly and long, wondering what had taken so long.

The pull beyond Eden beckons. God exists in us, and yet to discover her we must surrender to the passionate trail of trust.

Adam, possessive and blaming, continued to chase & chastise Eve, forgetting he reneged on his promise to God. Now the Divine has a new plan. Lilith and Eve, one woman, two parts, bone and clay, divided by Adam, united by God. All three merging beyond the chaos of change, into truth.

The key to the Garden of Eden is weaving back into form. Love is it’s vibration.

Are you ready?