Prompting joy through discovery.

Jen Duchene
Jan 13, 2019 · 4 min read

2019 explained

2019 adds up to a universal 12 (2+0+1+9)

12 is a number of learning, study and knowledge. Not just acquiring information but harvesting it. Allowing it to sink in and become activated through application.

Prompting Joy through discovery.

There is a freedom in testing out theories with a sense of wonder, not just to collect data or prove a point.

We are not computers, our emotions rule us. In preparation for what is to come, we are being directed this year, to learn how to engage with our messy, muddled ability to feel, without getting bogged down by opinion or to control the outcome. Focusing our passion on the quest, that ultimate seed for our hero’s journey, while simultaneously honing our discernment muscles.

12 could be called the composting number. When we eat, out of pleasure, need or greed, our bodies absorb the nutrients and expel the rest. You could say the same about the mind. Information is swallowed with an insatiable hunger to learn something new or because we must. Facts, fiction and advertising all have to be digested by our brains, translated into an emotional frequency to be absorbed, released or rejected. Typically we reject information that doesn’t exist in our realm of possibility, especially when we choose to be spoon fed instead of engaging our curiosity by asking questions. Curiosity is healthy and required to increase our understanding of the material.

Wisdom comes from active participation with ideas and potential. That is how knowledge informs and transforms us through trial and error. In other words we can’t really know something until we experience it. We can have opinions and suggestions which may or not be helpful when we need to learn something new. This is why we go through hectic experiences individually and collectively, in real time, which changes us.

2019 is a year that promises to break our stubborn addiction to rhetoric and theory as proof. We will be forced to practise in the field of life, and come alive doing so, which is the focus of the soul at this time.

The step system of the 1,2,3 code (1+2=3) is a visual symbol that literally has us walking our talk. Whatever choices we make about who we are or where we are in this moment, we have to accept them as a valid starting point, committing to the path, with kindness. Connecting with things or people to get our concept moving into reality and then play in the pool of discovery. This is the path to achievement and joy.

Commit, Connect and Play.

How we name what we are experiencing is our free will. We can name things as difficult, ridiculous or incredible. The choice is always ours.

We can experience learning that is change, as something we are excited about or something we hate. The emotion we bring to our experience will color what we learn. For example we can look at all the issues and challenges we have going on in the world right now, macro and micro.

Overwhelming, right?

Horrible things are being enacted by some, experienced by others, the world appears in shambles with all the natural disasters occuring. We want it to stop so we put up de-fences, blame, shame and hide. None of which gets us where we want to go.

We have to act to bring change about. The more joyful our focus the easier it becomes to endure the difficulties. We can discover ways to dissolve the effects of what is being done by focusing on doing things to bring about the change we desire. This is not about burying our heads in the sand, instead this time gives us an opportunity to reframe and redraw the game.

It is time to topple what has ruled.

So much stuff we are moaning about now, has been running our world, under the radar, in the cracks. We have turned a blind eye, covered up and pretended because it felt safer. We did what seemed the best thing for then.

Now it is time to come clean and refuse to just take what someone else dishes out because they decided they have the power. Refuse to promote or participate in what undermines or drains.

We all have power to change our world as Margaret Mead said — “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has..”

But first we have to move ourselves out of giving up our truth just to curry favor of those who have what we think we want. New foundations are required to go forward, so first we have to clear the rubble and seed new growth, internally and externally, allowing what is dying to die because there is no energy to fuel it.

Put your focus on completion. How do you move into a new era, a new time, taking forward only what is nutritious and necessary? Who will you band with to gather momentum? Who will you look to to guide your path to wisdom?

How will you engage with the revolution, this revolving disc that has hit the midnight hour?

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