A Strange New Planet: Week 1

Jenell Del Cid
Jul 12, 2018 · 3 min read

I crash landed at Planet Labs HQ on July 9th(Gregorian Earth Calendar). I was carefully greeted by an Earthling named Forest. His name is Forest because he was born in a pixelated virtual forest. He offered bread and Earth fruits and then rushed away like the white rabbit, wildly checking his enormous watch, paint dripping from his fingers. Various Earthlings approached cautiously from their computer terminals and proved to be exceedingly kind and gentle.

I was shuffled to a small room and then a smaller room within the small room where I was photographed for my identikit and necessary clearance paraphernalia(standard procedure for non-earth entities.) It was then that I was led into the first of many meetings. After the 27th consecutive meeting, it became clear to me that these “meetings” were actually a means of inducing a hypnogogic hallucinatory state that is essential to the workings of the larger Planet Laboratory Super-Organism. I became hungry and wandered into a large white ballroom with an enormous crystal table. On the table towered a six meter glistening pyramid made entirely of “sushi”. I was gently urged to try a piece, and I found it quite agreeable. It was then that I decided that I should stay and study these diligent Earthlings and their strange and seemingly important work. “There is a magic in seeing, and even more magic from seeing from a very great height.”- I am told this is their central and guiding belief, and rules every aspect of their lives.

While here, I will photograph and enter into conversation with these wonderful Earth creatures and learn what I can while possibly being of use to them as an oracle and intergalactic medium, I decided. An alarm sounded, and I was ushered into another meeting cycle. In between meetings, I met an Earthling and we talked about observing coral reefs(from a great height of course).

I suddenly detected a strange and enchanting aroma. “Seth made cookies!” a frenetic chorus rose from the countless computer terminals. I joined the wave of earthlings back into the white room. Seth danced joyously on the crystal table(the sushi having since disappeared), he sang in a booming voice “There is a magic in seeing, and even more magic from seeing from a very great height!”. As the Earthling Seth sang and danced, he tossed “chocolate cookies” out into the laughing dancing crowd. I managed to catch a few flying cookies and quickly tucked them away for later.

Upon returning to my designated sector, I found a strange glowing ring of light. I feel this strange artifact could be instrumental to repairing my ship and returning home? I’m not sure why I think this? I must rest now under a table in preparation for tomorrow’s meeting rituals. 094858–2325–574564


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