10 hours, no technology

September 3, 6 am — 0 hours in

I set an alarm to wake up 6 in the morning so I can use my electronics again later in the afternoon. But I’m pretty sure I can go without electronics for 10 hours because I’ve lived without any technology when I was a kid. I turned off my cellphone once the alarm went off.

8 am — 2 hours in

I ate breakfast then went to take a shower. I cleaned every inch of my room and I realized this was the first time I see my room sparkling clean. After that, I did all my laundry and that took about an hour. For the rest of the time, I was thinking what I am going to do next for the next 8 hours without any technology.

10 am — 4 hours in

At this point, I have nothing to do and I am bored to death. I am sitting in my chair for 30 minutes doing nothing. I tried walking around the house and see if there is anything I can do to pass time. I ended cleaning the living room since it was pretty messy and my aunt told me to clean it so I did. After cleaning, I started doing my homework but I only have a few to finish so I finished all of them quickly.

12 pm — 6 hours in

Finished eating lunch. Literally have nothing to do, just laying in bed trying not to fall asleep because it will be not counted. Thinking of what I did at this time when I was kid was playing with my friends but I can’t do that because most of my friends don’t live near me. And if I want to meet up with them I can’t cuz how can I contact them when I can’t use my phone.

2 pm — 8 hours in

8 Hours without any technology. Mostly visiting the kitchen and grabbing food from the refrigerator and eating. I remembered that I had a guitar lying around the place so I played guitar for the next hour. But soon my fingers hurt from playing the guitar for too long so I stopped.

4 pm — 10 hours in

10 hours without any technology was harder than I thought, it was boring for most of the day when I didn’t have anything to do after finishing all my chores. But from the 10 hours, I learned something, never ever doing this 10 hours no technology thing ever again. Just kidding. It was a good boring experience. I could do something productive in those 10 hours without any use of technology but I only did a few which was doing homework.

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