Part Two

Right now I am watching orange in the new black and I am not quite sure what I think of it so far. It’s weird to think that so many people become addicted to all of these shows and they watch them endlessly, day and night until they are finished. I am no exception. I can watch a seven season show in less than a week. I think we all get fixated on these little things in life that we can get just a small amount of satisfaction from and we become content with it. 
There has been another thing that has recently popped into my mind. And I don’t want to say anything negative but maybe ill just leave that part out and write about something else. So another thing that I have realized since moving out is that I have become obsessed with money. It is constantly on my mind. It has been hard dealing with it because I have not had a lot of it and there are times where I have to decide whether or not I will buy groceries or save it for rent the next month. I feel like that is why I don’t gain any weight because there is nothing going in. I have started to drink more water which I rarely did before. My skin is clear and I feel more energized for at least half an hour of the day. So I guess that is a bonus. 
Now I am blanking… I think I have already mentioned it in my earlier post this morning, but I am excited to go home. I just want to be doing something with my day. I am tired of sitting around doing nothing. Next week I have five days off in a row and I could have gone on a trip but I work the first day that the trip takes place. I am frustrated because I could have been working and making money instead of sitting on my butt for days straight. I need to find something to do, and I did think about going home for those days, but I would be spending it away from my love, and I want to see him as much as possible, that sounds cheezy but I do. So I will stay and think of new things to do every day, and try to make the time pass by quickly.