Halfway point?

Did you ever get to the halfway point doing something and feel like 
“Oh crap! What the hell have I been doing for the last (#) weeks!?”
Man, oh man, I know that freaking feeling. This week marks 8th week of my experience The Iron Yard Front End course. I’m literally over halfway done with this part of my journey.

Now this panic wasn’t what I felt a few weeks ago where I was losing grasp of things I thought I knew. This is that whole college graduation, the real world is coming, all over again. I have learned a serious plethora of information in these last couple months and now it’s time to start showing off. I’ve got to fill out applications, research companies, write cover letters, connect with people. I’m going to want to put these skills to use for something. I want to contribute to an awesome product surrounded by an amazing team. Those type of opportunities don’t just fall in your lap, you have got to grind for those things. I’ve made a few connections already and am almost done designing my personal site.

I’m a little bit nervous about applying for jobs in this field, but I’m incredibly excited about the work I have the potential to be apart of. Not to mention some development team is going to get to have me around. How lucky are they?!

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