Best of Friends

I believe all of us have friends, right? Sometimes we treat our friends as our brothers and sisters and even as a second family. We always spend our time with them together in school, eating, watching movies, going somewhere and etc.

When I was in high school, I can still remember what my mother told me. She said that whenever I have friends I should make it sure that they are kind and loving friend. I asked God to have that kind of friend and he never failed me. I met them first day of school in college. I am really blessed to have many friends but I am very thankful to have friends like them in my life, my best friends Allana, Sam and Deo are my precious gift from the Lord.They are my treasures forever.

They are not just an ordinary friend to me but they are my siblings. They are the one who comfort me when I am sad, when I am down they lift me up, they are my advisers and secret keepers. They are the one who taught me how to overcome fear and have hope. They are one of my inspirations in life why I wake up every day and keep moving on. Most of all, whenever I’m with them I really feel the love.

Sometimes I can think of one day we will have our separate ways to walk into but I will just put in my heart and mind always that they are still my BESTFRIENDS forever.

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