j e n e v i e v e
Jan 22, 2017 · 3 min read
artist unknown

white feminist shows up to the protest

says “i feel so safe here”

because white feminist was never made to feel unsafe in her body

white feminist says “thank you, law enforcement”

and doesn’t see the brown bodies in detention centers around the corner

or the absence of police surveillance because of white presence

white feminist comes for the photo opp

says “i will not be silenced”

doesn’t think about how asian women are always read as “silent” before seen as “woman”

white feminist gets impatient with the speakers,

says “i didn’t come here to listen”

“i came here to be heard”

white feminist always just wants to be heard

white feminist doesn’t like having to wait to start marching

white feminist doesn’t like having to ask for permission

white feminist interrupts every woman of color speaking,

yells, “i came here to march”

white feminist looks around and starts chanting

“less talking, more walking”

over the indigenous woman’s five minutes of forgiveness,

white feminist blames women of color for a fractured movement,

doesn’t think about who always lives in the fractures,

white feminist blames women of color for thwarting the momentum,

likens intersectionality to being controversial,

white feminist just came here to say she went

white feminist felt good about herself today

white feminist doesn’t think about who’s always marching

who is allowed to march

who has been marching

who is watched closely while marching

who is still marching even when standing still

white feminist doesn’t want to talk about race

white feminist doesn’t want to talk about race

white feminist doesn’t want to talk about race

white feminist’s voice is so loud when “love trumps hate”

but suddenly doesn’t have a voice when

black lives matter

white feminist quotes assata shakur

says “we have nothing to lose but our chains”

but doesn’t think about who manufactured the chains

white feminist sings the national anthem

and feels proud

white feminist looks around at a crowd of pink faces

in pink hats and says

“this is what democracy looks like”

white feminist says “now is the time to fight”

white feminist always gets to decide when

and who to care about

white feminist says “support all women”

and then asks me where i am really from,

and equates womanhood with genitalia

white feminist is obsessed with biological essentialism

white feminist centers womanhood on having a vagina,

leaves no space or thought for trans women

or anything outside of the binary

or people whose bodies don’t align with their normalization of “woman”

white feminist holds up a sign that says

“i’m with her”

with arrows pointing every which way

and yet no woman of color is anywhere around her

white feminist pushes her way through a crowd

like a protest is only designed for her to take up space,

doesn’t apologize when she pushes past brown and black women

but has a sign that says, “we are all sisters”

white feminist just wants “equal rights for all”

but doesn’t think about how “all” looks a lot different for some

white feminist doesn’t challenge the racist uncle at dinner,

cherry-picks when to be angry,

praises the lack of violence at this peaceful protest,

wonders “why can’t all protests be this peaceful?”

doesn’t think about what kind of bodies are seen as peaceful

what kind of bodies just want peace

but never seem to get it

white feminist sees a future full of possibility

sees more opportunities to be heard

sees herself

white feminist says,

“this is what a feminist looks like”

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