This Is Why You Hate Me
Dave Pell

Dave, I’m a subscriber and regular reader. I really appreciate that you provide a filter for me so I don’t have to face the worst of the internet, you help me hide in my bubble (I think in a good way). But I’d like to challenge your latest post, I’d like to argue that we are all still human, so we continue to use new tools to do bad things as we always have. But as a digital nomad I have to say there is still hope. In the last 6 years I moved to Australia and met my husband, a Jordanian man who relocated on a skilled migrant visa as a software architect. I grew up in rural Northern California, a white girl in a white world. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would eventually find enough common ground with a middle eastern Muslim to want to be married. The internet did that. We share a global culture even though he was picking up fighter jet shell casings in Kuwait when I was angry my TV shows were being replaced by first gulf war news. He had to change his name to get a job, but he’s getting promoted now.

We have built a world of friends from many backgrounds across the globe. We are all “a little bit racist” but somehow it works, because we share a common curiosity and the internet makes it possible for us to couch surf and travel like never before.

Remember that we are using and creating disruptive technology. It is disrupting, and just like a forest fire it will create some damage before the new growth returns in force. But it will regrow.

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