It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Absolutely amazing speech. I feel compelled to send this to everybody I know. I say this as someone who agrees with most of what you say but not entirely every point. One of them is this: I’m not sure I subscribe to the idea that we *have* to be prisoners of some kind of “culture” that is stereotypically “assigned” to us. And that line of thinking isn’t necessarily a “white way of thinking”. It’s a universal concept… to want to get away from the prison of tradition and culture, whether you are from Mali, Malaysia or Monaco. When you think outside of your culture, you are moving away from tradition and relying more on intuition. Things like science and art are exactly the kinds of languages that are meant to be universal, unhinged from the dogma of culture. I’m not saying culture is bad. What I’m saying is I think that just because a white guy invented a concept doesn’t mean it’s a “white concept”. It might just be, simply, the “guy’s concept”. And so we shouldn’t be so quick to assume that people who adopt this concept are somehow adopting his culture. And I know you’d probably agree. But where I’m going here is that there *are* universal concepts and affinities and commonalities between people regardless of color, creed, ethnicity. There *is* a place residing in the hearts of millions where these things don’t matter anymore. It’s not prevalent, but it exists. However, we need to get away from this idea that we can use the excuse of “culture” to defend our actions. We do things the way we do because we do not step outside and question why. In many ways, your speech is *exactly* saying this: white people need to question why they view people differently just because of skin color. And so I am proposing that we recognize this. Step outside, everybody, throw off the chains of “culture”, stop using it as an excuse, and really come together, share affinities and commonalities. We are all different, yet not so different.

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