Bed Time Story

I switched off the lights then I laid next to you.

Your hand reached for my thighs as I pull up the sheet.

“How was your day?” I asked you in a low voice. “Were you able to close the deal?”

“Yes, it was a big client.” You answered me with a rub on my ass.

“You wanna know what else is big?” You whispered on my ears.

I laid my head on your chest and told you, “I had 26 covers on my station today.”

“Please,” you whispered again. “I’ll finish fast.” You said as you held onto my waist.

I turned my back on you as my wailing went out of my mouth.

You held me tight and kissed my neck.

“My jaw is still aching from lollying you last night.” And I didn’t enjoyed it.

“Come on, you love my dick.” You teased me with your tongue on my neck,

and your dick poking my butt.

I removed your arms which was wrapped around me.

And I lied down on the bed with my face on the pillow.

Smoothly, you removed your boxers and pulled up my night dress.

“I said not tonight,” my tears are starting to well up on the corner of my eyes

while my neck is starting to smell sour.

“I’ll be quick, I’ll be swift.” You removed my night dress together with my small garment.

You turned me around and licked my nips. No moans, no groans, but tears and choke.

“Please, stop. I can’t do this tonight.” I murmured with my broken voice betraying my strength.

“You’re everything I want. And I love you… I love you… Just lay still.”

I have given up the refusal and surrendered myself.

Just like every time you force me, even when I was on my period.

I have given up my dignity, in exchange of your love.

Your love that was only for me, you told me when we had an abortion.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” And he finally laid down beside me.

You wiped your semen, and I wiped my tears.

I breathed, “I fucking love you..”

You answered, “I love fucking you.”