Lent Reflection

As I read through the chapter, I learned that the chief priests used their hands to accuse Him of many things, to crucify Him to put purple robe on Him, then twisted together a crown of thorns and set it on Him. They used their hands to struck Him on the head with a staff.

While the people around Jesus, used their hands to make Him suffer, Simon of Cyrene used his hands to help Jesus out. Like Simon’s hands, may our hands be Jesus’ instrument of helping. May we stop hurting others. May we stop pointing our fingers to other people’s mistakes but instead, may each of the spaces in our fingers complement another person’s fingers and together, we lift our hands up in the sky to reach Jesus and worship Jesus.

May we have hands that are strong enough to help our aching brothers and sisters get up every time they fall, every time we fall.

May we have hands that are willing to give more than to take. I pray that our hands will give and give until it hurts and it will only heal if we accept in our hearts that it is Jesus and only Jesus that we need.

May you always love us too much Jesus, too much that it hurts, so that we will learn to depend on you and not take you for granted every time things go on our way.

Jesus, we always seek other people’s hands to take refuge when in fact, all we have to do is to clasp them together, and pray to You. And i pray, that I’ll be able to use my own hands to touch other people’s lives like the way you did in mine. May we help carry other people’s crossed instead of weighing them down. Your left hand founded the earth and your right hand spread the heavens, but now, Lord, You are our father. We are Your clay and You are our potter, may we always be reminded that all of us are the work of Your hands, and that is your symbol of love for us.

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