The emperor has no clothes

Remember the folk tale by Hans Christian Andersen? The emperor demands a more and more extravagant outfit, unpleased, until at last the tailor brings him a magical suit made of invisible thread. The emperor, flattered and fooled, steps out of his room. The people of the court nod and agree it is the most beautiful piece of clothing. When the emperor parades through the street, all nod and praise his garb until a child states the obvious — the emperor is wearing nothing at all.

Our new emperor is mad.

A flicker of TV news caught, and I see news anchors sagely debating or dissecting the latest madness. Logic and reason are applied to his executive orders, to his tweets, his alternative facts. As if his words are made of fine silk or stitched with care.

Shout it: the emperor is naked! Stop the parade. Has partisan politics so blinded us that we readily forfeit democracy? Let us be children again, and say what is true and obvious. Let our actions be governed by what we know is right, untwisted by party loyalty.