Exercise 10.3

Doritos “Crystal Ball” Super Bowl ad.

  1. The advertisement is set in an office environment. This can be seen visually through the characters’ clothing, which is business causal clothing, indicative of a professional setting. Additionally, the vending machine in the background is the type found in work offices. Finally, the picture of two employees (presumably employees of the month) hanging on the wall in the background shows this to be a conversation between two men at work.
  2. The advertisement uses sound effects to define that action happening in the story, especially the action surrounding the Doritos. When the man throws the snow globe at the vending machine, the sound of shattering glass vividly demonstrates the action of breaking into the machine. This is quickly followed by the rustling sound of the chip bag, which accompanies the action of a man reaching into the machine to grab some Doritos.
  3. The advertisement uses slice of life format to attempt to make Doritos seem like a natural, even necessary part of breaks at the office.
  4. One man offers to show his coworker the future using his “crystal ball,” which the coworker claims is just a snow globe. To prove the snow globe tells the future, the man shakes the snow globe, predicts free Doritos at the offie, then throws the snow globe into a vending machine holding Doritos. The Doritos logo flashes across the screen, then the coworker attempts to use the snow globe to get a promotion, but accidentally throws it into his boss.
  5. The target market of the advertisement appears to be office workers. Considering the characters and type of humor used, the ad is likely specifically targeting men working in an office environment who might eat Doritos as a snack while at work.
  6. The ad implies that Doritos are satisfying, worth fighting for and stockpiling, and a crispy, crunchy snack that is great for at work.
  7. The advertisement did not have a call to action.