Gov. Chris Sununu

The 82nd governor of New Hampshire is Chris Sununu. He is the son of former Gov. John H. Sununu, who served three terms in 1983. The 42-year-old Republican is the nation’s youngest current governor, although not the youngest governor to ever serve in New Hampshire.

A former environmental engineer, Sununu also has a background in business, having served as the CEO of the Waterville Valley ski area resort. The first Republican to serve as governor of New Hampshire in 12 years, Sununu appears to hold to the traditional Republican values of a conservative fiscal policy and small government.

After his inauguration, he called for decreasing business taxes and deregulating businesses. His desire is to establish a fiscally responsible budget for New Hampshire while reducing business taxes and not using an income or sales tax.

In his inauguration speech Jan. 5, Sununu called for unity, saying, “We have a tendency in this state to be divisive, to worry about politics and the next election cycle.” With the next election being only two years away, Sununu emphasized the importance of planning for the long term.

A father of three children, Sununu advocates against federal control of local schools, believing Common Core standards have adversely affected the state’s educational system. He plans to replace Common Core with a New Hampshire-specific test.

The newly inaugurated governor ran on a platform advocating Constitutional Carry legislation, as he is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. He believes the state is in the midst of a heroin and opioid crisis and plans to expand available treatment and state funding, while increasing the efficiency of the monitoring of prescription drugs.

Sununu issued a statement Jan. 30 in response to President Trump’s controversial executive order on the U.S. immigration policy. Although Sununu supports the order because of its contribution to the safety of the people of New Hampshire, he emphasized in his statement the integral role immigration has in the U.S.