“Amy” — your courage is inspiring.
Freada Kapor Klein

Amy, I am outraged by the treatment you describe at Uber.

I commute using Uber very frequently here in Boston. I also am a woman in tech. Uber is such a big help to my daily life; I am really going to miss the convenience. But I cannot spend my hard-earned money on a company that supports such bigotry by and against its own employees. I will repost this everywhere that I believe it can be effective.

My employer is a world leader in our domain and financially supports our use of Uber (we are also in one of the Uber pool FSA Transit test markets). I am making an appointment today to speak in-person with the highest-placed individual in my organization that I can — hopefully our Chief People Officer — to bring Uber’s apparent and grotesque abuse of female employees to the organization’s attention and to ask that our organization withdraw support from Uber and pro-actively make all of our teammates aware of the situation.

Freada, I am pleased to see you reaching out to Amy. It’s not, however, enough to make me not leave Uber at this time. How can I stay informed about the steps you will be taking to change the morally repugnant and labor law-violating environment at Uber?

Thank you,

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