When Childbirth Feels like Assault
Family Resemblance

Reading about what happened to this women angers me. I know for a fact that she is one of Many who have suffered at the hands of professionals who should be Helping, not Hurting them.

Doctors oftentimes will use their medical “Expertise” to manipulate a women during childbirth while she is in a completely vulnerable state.

This is emotional abuse.

I agree 100% that assult absolutely takes place when this happens.

When abuse results, the abuser Always has an upper hand or some type of control over the victim.

Integrity should be a required characteristic of anyone in the medical field and should be encouraged and woven into the medical students formal education. It should be at Center of Every type medical practice.

There should be no question that Human beings should be treated with Dignity when being placed under the care of a medical physician.

Doctors should not have the power to override a womens choice to make decisions regarding nonessential “potential procedures” performed on her during childbirth.

The code needs to be rewritten so that there is a Clear understanding about what is optional, what is necessary and what has no purpose in the medical profession.

Women are treated like they don’t know anything about their own bodies when they are The ones who know the most.

Many doctors have a (taking over) mentality and refuse to listen to what they perceive as the “lay person.”

A womens input to her medical provider should be highly regarded.

In my own personal experiences, it seems that the routine tests and procedures take precidence over the consideration of a womens instinctive Voice.