Case Study: Breakie (iOS Mobile App)

The Design Brief

Breakie allows for users to have their best breakfast experiences in Vancouver. Users can explore a highly curated selection of breakfast options by searching keywords that range from “Brunch” and “Weekend” to more specific features such as “Sunny side-up” and “Mimosas”. In addition, users can receive “e-stamps” to collect in their “Breakie Passport” for further restaurant incentives.

Key Functions

  • Browse through a selection of breakfast restaurants in Vancouver based on keywords and location
  • Learn information and details about the restaurant’s story, the food, the Chef, the menu, etc.
  • Enable a “Breakie Passport” to organize “e-stamps” for further incentives
  • Stay up to date on restaurant news and updates
  • Ask a friend out to breakfast

The Demographic

  • Age: 19–30
  • Male and Female
  • Student or Young Professional
  • Keywords: Friendly, Outgoing, Social, Loves good food, is possibly hungover

The Design Inception

The Mood Board

The Style Tiles

Style Guides

Final Product

Colour: In the final product, I chose lighter verisons of the colours I chose on my mood board. The yellow is taken from the yolk of an egg- continuing the theme of the app. The blue is taken from as a complimentary colour but also so that it shows enough contrast so the text is still legible with the light blue colour. Both colours are unique, fun, and exciting — the same ideas I wanted to portray. The white text for the logo is to keep it fresh and clean and to keep the focus on the yellow yolks.

Shape: The shapes of all the elements are rounded to add to the idea of the bouncy and fun egg. I wanted the shapes to create an inviting, friendly, and comfortable environment and make the app something easy to read and enjoyable for the morning.

Movement: Along with the rounded shapes of the egg theme, I wanted the movement to be fun and bouncy. When people go to brunch they want to have fun — this is the same idea that I wanted the app to convey. I want the users to feel like they are jumping from one button to the next — like a fun game. In addition, the serif font, YesevaOne, for the logo, gives the feeling of something dancing and having fun — just like the feelings of going to brunch!

Space: In terms of space, I’ve add a lot of white space around the logo on the home page to make it easy to read, comfortable, and very clear. I didn’t want any clutter or excess information. I wanted it to be to the point and straight forward. Thinking about people going to breakfast or brunch with their friends, they want to enjoy their time and not have to spend a lot of time on their phones in order to work the app and use their breakie “passports.”

Overall, the project is targeted towards a demographic that is young, fun, and always looking to try new food. This Breakie app does all that and more- by providing users with rewards and incentives while fulfilling their foodie desires!

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