The New Face of Advertising — PPC Training

From last 50 years, one or the other forms of advertising have captivated us! If we talk about the latest one, PPC advertising is in trend. PPC is also known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing in the technical language. But, for nonprofessionals, it is quite difficult to understand all about pay per click since it involves systematic handling of accounts, ad structure and bidding. To ignore complicity, now many digital marketing institutes have introduced PPC training courses in Delhi and several other metropolitan cities.

So, what exactly is PPC?

For a writer, designer, developer or a professional, PPC is Pay-Per-Click, a form of internet advertising. To explain, it helps in increasing online visibility based on systematic advertising campaign. The campaign is designed to display the ads in the topmost search queries on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In PPC training, a student learns how PPC works? For illustration consider the below example in which a visitor will see pay per click ads on searching the keyword “accountant” on Google!

Although, setting up a PPC account is complicated and a time-consuming process but it drives awesome results. To learn PPC marketing tricks, the module is divided into various sections that may or may not come under internet marketing course:

1. Designing Best Content Structure

2. Finding the Relevant & Right Keywords

3. Set Up of Adwords Campaign

4. Uploading the Campaign into Search Engines like Google or Yahoo

5. Create Groups of Ads, Bid Price, Keywords

6. Focus on Quality Score

7. Run the PPC

8. Measure the Results

Why PPC Training is Worth for a Digital Marketer?

If you find the digital marketing course interesting then professional PPC training can become a big plus in your career. Apart from organic (unpaid) results, search engines also welcome paid or PPC results to enhance online sales, visibility, brand image, etc. It follows the trend of pull type marketing in which an advertiser pays the publisher only when someone clicks on the ads.


With PPC certification Courses, a student learns to work on getting leads through paid results. Where, organic results takes time, PPC let an advertiser gain maximum traffic through targeting ads to the specific group of customers. Thousands of companies are running paid campaigns and hire professional having an expertise in digital marketing course in delhi. They provide cost effective, immediate, flexible, tracked results to the client by managing whole of the campaign. Hence, we say digital marketing does not play with organic results but also on analytic and paid campaigns.