Gods own country — Kerala

Perfect Family Holiday Tour: Kerala Backwater

No traveller can remain immune to the charm that Kerala exudes. The “Gods own country” continues to inspire and astonish its guests with warm hospitality, mesmerising locales, fascinating culture, exclusive culinary delights and captivating backwaters. Kerala also finds favour from domestic and offshore travellers for its ability to provide something for everyone. If a trip to the Indian tropical paradise is something you have never explored before, we suggest it is high time you do so, as this land will mesmerise and create a lifetime of memories. Indulge in all the exotic beauty and adventures this gem can offer to all family members.

A little indulgence may make bonds stronger and life a tad bit more interesting. We are here to help you know your options.


Backwaters sounds exotic and it is! It defines this lovely state and is a key offering of its tourism. Essentially, the backwaters are a well-insulated network of canals, inlets, lakes and rivers, used by the locals for centuries to stay connected. The outcome of a collective effort of waves and shore currents, backwaters offers an enticing backdrop to dream family retreats in Kerala. You and your tiny tots will enjoy boating tours where lapping of the water revs up the mood and takes you in deep ecstasy.

You can also get a firsthand account of flora and fauna exclusive to this habitat, such as mud skippers, frogs and otters, along with birds, including kingfishers and cormorants. The green hue provided by the outgrowth of bushes makes the ambience even more appealing. For a hassle-free backwater experience. Credible travel companies with the experience to offer nothing but the very best can arrange bespoke and luxurious Kerala backwater tours corresponding to your needs.


If backwaters of Kerala are mesmerising, beaches here will help you soak in luxury. Given its 600-kilometre long coastline, the number of beaches in this part of the world has to be wholesome. Barring a few, all beaches in the “Gods own country” are relatively unexplored with their pristine beauty intact. Additionally, they are family friendly, allowing you and your kids to indulge in a variety of recreational beach activities, such as parasailing, surfing and beach volleyball. The list of such family friendly beaches comes complete with Kovalam, Bekal, Beypore and Poovar. Your travel company will suggest the untouched and private beaches where you can relax, explore or simply sunbathe to your heart’s content with the best of services from your hotel or resort.


Nature has blessed Kerala with a diverse wildlife. In a bid to conserve it, the administration has created six national parks and numerous wildlife reserves across the state. Since Kerala experience is incomplete without a rendezvous with the famed wildlife, your travel partner is most likely to include Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in your itinerary, until and unless suggested by you otherwise. Safe and engaging wildlife safaris are a living reality in this wildlife sanctuary. Herein, kids will enjoy spotting tigers roaming stealthy in their natural habitat looking for a prey. You can also visit Kodan and Elephant Training Centre to guarantee your tiny tots a pleasurable and memorable time.

A family Kerala house boat tour can be fun oriented, educative and relaxing, and if you choose your travel partner carefully, it can be exotic and luxurious from the word go.