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The 5 eyed, 4 eared monster Si-Hoo-Ha-Tha

I am not a travel blogger, but sometimes people ask me what to do in the places I have lived. So here is a basic collection of Google map links of places that I enjoyed in Chiang Rai, Thailand, where I lived for about 3 months.


Best time to travel here is October — end January, after that, the smoky season starts. Chiang Rai has an airport, or you can take a bus for 5 Euros from Chaing Mai which takes you about 3,5 hours. Definitely rent a scooter when you are here (around 200–300 baht per day), traffic is easy to navigate and its the nicest way to get around. …

Together with designer and illustrator Anda Corrie, Spoonflower just published their second book — this time with 30+ new DIY ideas you can make with as little as a swatch of fabric.

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*This article is NOT sponsored by anyone **All Photos by Zoë Noble

Spoonflower is the first, and biggest internet-based service for custom and on-demand fabric printing, a marketplace for designers and inspiration to thousands of makers since 2008.

Based with offices in Durham, North Carolina, and Berlin, Germany, Spoonflower offers its customers to design their own fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap. A special digital print technology allows printing even small amounts of fabric on demand for the over 3.5 …

I have been working with the great team of Pixart Printing who asked me a few month back to do an interview series with creatives from all over the world. It’s been a great opportunity for me to speak to old friends on a very different, professional level and to get to know new entrepreneurs that I always wanted to speak to.

Two pieces are already online and more are in the works, I am excited to share them soon.

The first article was a quick interview with Erik Spiekermann, for whom I have worked in 2010 and 2012.

Just a couple of month ago I had the chance to catch up with my former colleague and manager Julia Hoffman who has been an amazing role model for me during my time at Etsy. …

Or, when you are having the time of your life but not having the time of your life.

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Illustration by Susanne Vetter

Disclaimer: I have a very mild form of anxiety and depressive mood swings, I do not take medication and I use Talkspace as my form of therapy. If you suffer from clinical depression or take medication, talk to a doctor or therapist. This post is purely my personal experience and is here to spark a thought and not to be taken as medical advice.

Having the opportunity to travel for an extended period of time is a privilege. Not everyone has the chance to do that. …


Jeni Zegenhagen

Hello - I am Jenny. On this blog I write about some professional and some personal stuff related to traveling, emotions and remote work.

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