It’s Rant Time…!

Saddle up people! Get your boots and hats on, because it is time to get on the moral high horse! I don’t like to judge other Mum’s, God knows our job is hard enough, we need to stick together and support each other. But there is one thing that I judge, and judge harshly. I see it all day, every day and it just blows my mind.

Mum’s that chat on their mobile phones while driving with their kids in the car!!!!

Please, if you want to be that stupid on your own time, fair enough, but don’t inflict this stupidity on your children. You are literally taking their life in your hands as you blithely whizz around the highways and byways chatting, with one hand off the wheel, whilst the other is steering, indicating, changing gear etc. etc. Even a highly trained member of Cirque du Soleil would find it tough to juggle all that!

Your brain is distracted by the conversation you’re having that must be of life or death urgency or why else would you be on your phone?!?! And we’ve all driven past those people who have that shifty look, one hand on the wheel, one on the lap, their eyes flickering up and down from the road, clearly sending a text message!

Now I know us Mum’s are great multi-tasker’s but come on! Throw in to the mix some squabbling siblings, a toddler shouting for their favorite song or a crying baby and then the possibility of someone else coming in the opposite direction doing the same thing….

Pull the hell over or it could be Game Over!!

Only this is not a game, your children are not plastic board pieces to be gambled with as you move your little silver car to Park Lane. You are Woman, but you are not Super Woman with the ability to whisk her children out of the car in the face of impending danger, wearing a rather jazzy little number that accentuates the hips.

Please, please, please put the bloody phone down and just drive the car. If you can’t do it for your own kids, do it for mine. Because I don’t want them to grow up motherless or limbless or damaged by the actions of someone else’s stupidity. I want to ride out this crazy wave of motherhood to the end, but you are making it four times more likely for that not to happen every time you pick up your phone whilst driving.

Rant over.