Do you struggle with taking a break or rest?

Every seventh week, we take a week off to recuperate. It so happens that last week was the seventh week and that means no social media including LinkedIn and no work related stuff. It was alone time — with a few other friends.

Why do this?

Let’s be frank. We need a break at some point whether or not its from a working hard at work or even from exercising.

I’ve gotten to the point where I have burned myself to the ground staying up late, not eating healthy, and worst not stepping outside for fifteen minutes and walk.

To give you an example and I’m going to go to the extreme, let’s say you area shooting guard of a basketball game. If you played a 48-minute game, straight, everyday without taking a break for seven days, how much do you think will wear on your body?

You’re probably thinking, “Jennifer, that’ll never happen in real life to a player. That’s impossible.”

Yes it’s impossible, however, when you reflect that on work, it’s almost the same. That’s how it felt.

For some reason, we feel guilty for taking a break, thinking we may slack off or if we do, our bosses will yell at us.

That’s not the case.

When you put in your 10–18 hours a week (for you entrepreneurs) and maybe throw in a half day on the weekend or so to plan out the week, a break is required.

Since owning No Boundaries, I didn’t believe in the sabbaticals I put for myself; thinking it was weird. But the time to reflect on myself and the business is very rewarding.

The time to rest my body and recover my “vessel of creativity” is a must, or else, how will I go out and help people when I’m injured.

No one wants to be injured.

So I leave you with this, if you want to see improvements in your workflow, step aside for 15 minutes to stretch and do non-work related activities.

If you feel burnt out and begin to complain, do something about it.

Don’t feel like you’re tied to not resting.