Bill Clinton’s Speech Completely Changed My Mind from Being #iguessimwithher to #imwithher

Bill Clinton at the DNC

This entire election cycle has been an emotional one. I’ve felt angry and afraid of what might happen to our country if Trump were to be elected, I’ve felt annoyed and overwhelmed by the vitriol in my left-leaning facebook echo chamber, and I was sad when it was pretty much over for Bernie — although I believe he has done an incredible job bringing progressivism to the mainstream.

This morning I cried at least half a dozen times watching and reading the DNC speeches back to back, hearing messages of community, diversity and equality from people who have fought for these things everyday of their political lives. For the first time during this election, I’ve truly felt hope. As much as our system may be broken, I believe we have leaders out there with beautiful visions of what America can be, and I now believe that Hillary Clinton is one of those people.

A Young Hillary Clinton

Hearing Bill Clinton talk about Hillary’s passion and conviction to create change since her early 20s (when most of us were busy getting drunk or working jobs for our own self gain, tbh…) made me realize that she is truly committed to making the world a better place — and also that she actually knows how the f*** to do it. And this is coming from a person who’s never liked Hillary at all. AT ALL. (Okay, the closest I ever got to liking Hillary Clinton was when I bought a copy of “Dear Socks, Dear Buddy” from the Scholastic book fair and read it everyday after school for a year.)

The Best Book Ever Written by a Dog & Cat

I’m aware that Bill’s speech only highlighted the good parts of Hillary’s resume. However, despite all the bad (Whitewater, Benghazi, THE EMAILS), it does not change the fact that it is an extraordinarily long list of good. It’s more than most people have done — or even ventured to do — with their entire lives, more than most politicians have done with their entire careers, and sure as hell more than Trump has done for anyone other than himself (reminder: when Melania went to bat for Donald, she had zero specific examples of his “kindness”, and literally had to use someone else’s words to make a vague case for him at all).

I was begrudgingly going into this fall like I had to choose between the “lesser of two evils”. Hillary already had my vote by default (as an Asian-American woman and a daughter of refugees I could never in good conscience vote for Trump). However, Clinton now wholeheartedly has my vote, and I will now go into this fall feeling like I am choosing the best person to bring the most peaceful and inclusive vision of America to life. #imwithher all the way.