Being consistently disenfranchised state by state tends to have a deleterious effect on a citizen’s…
Natalie Williams

Do you know who gets disenfranchised? Poor black women who can’t get a copy of their marriage license to prove their name change for a voter ID card that is required because of a new law that was intended to suppress voters, who is denied the ability to vote in all federal, state, and local government elections.

Do you know what disenfranchisement is not? Failing to read the rules of a party primary (even the ones listed on Sanders’ site) and thus failing to follow the rules (especially the closed convention rules), then not getting a special exception to the rules because that would make them not actually rules. Oh, and since this is a party primary, not an actual election, disenfranchisement is not actually possible.

That’s what Sanders supporters have been calling disenfranchisement for months: Sanders supporters not knowing the primary rules and lashing out when they find out that the rules apply to them.

Quite frankly, it is appalling that Sanders supporters are calling that disenfranchisement, especially in a year in which we have actual voter disenfranchisement like I described above. It proves that you have no idea what disenfranchisement is or even what discrimination is.

So what are you going to do about it? Take responsibility for yourselves or vote for Trump so that your vote can be disenfranchised and you can lose your rights when the GOP controls all 3 branches of government? I recommend the first, frankly, because I like my rights and they should not be yours to give away.

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