On July 6th, we took a long drive from Normandy to Dijon. It took about five hours, but again, it was beautiful. We stopped in the town of Bayeaux along the way. I wish I could convey with words how every town we stop in is so incredible. The architecture, cobblestone streets, cleanliness, and charm are enchanting. We got to Dijon around 5 and took it easy for the night. We stayed in a hotel with points. A standard room only has one double bed in most of Europe, so we rented four 😳. The next day we went to the grocery store, swam in the pool, and went downtown.

It was pretty warm and we decided to go near a fountain and cool down. Funny how I thought my kids could JUST get sprayed a little and be satisfied. It wasn’t 5 minutes before Peter, Mae, and Joshie were soaked. They were having so much fun, how could I stop them!

Those smiles say it all.

We ended Dijon with a great dinner and another long walk around town. We left for Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland the next morning. It was supposed to be a 4 hour drive, but we were stopped because of the Tour d’ France. It took another hour to figure out which way to detour. We then had to drive four from there to instead of the less than three we had left. Paul has been doing all of the driving and I have been the navigator. Let’s just say that all of our words haven’t been as kind or patient as they could be. That’s our reality mixed between these wonderful moments… that’s traveling.

It felt sad to say goodbye to France, but the green valleys and magnificent Alps welcomed us with open arms.

Here is our little Swiss chalet we get to stay in 😁

The sun was peaking through the clouds and the church bells were ringing when we pulled up. I literally cried a bit over the beauty of it all.

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