Salzburg was definitely a city that I wish we had more time in. Surprisingly romantic architecture dressed in pastels, meticulous cobblestone streets, rolling green mountains, very friendly people, horse drawn carriages, and music playing around every corner… it was a lovely place to be.

We arrived the first evening to our rental. This place seriously used every square foot (or should I say meter) of space so well. The kids were excited because in each room there were two bunk beds that folded down from the wall.

This pic shows one up and one down… pretty handy for a big family. Plus this place had such a great espresso maker, I need to picture it. I seriously drank more coffee than normal because of it. It was just a tad better than instant Nescafé 😏

We planned to go to a ski resort that has a bobsled run in the summer the next day. We woke up, drove a half hour, got all of the kids excited, only to find out it was closed due to overcast weather. We felt like the Griswald’s when they arrived at the theme park that was shut down. We all hung our heads and went home. A couple hours later, sun now shining (there was a lot of rain and sun, sun and rain), Paul’s had the bright idea to call and see if the bobsleds were up and running. YES!! Back in the car, back up the mountain… there we were again.

I’m not going to lie. It was amazing. This trip has had its fair of bad moments… navigating through crowded streets with five kids in tow, making sure we all get off and on so many metros and trains, taking wrong turns, getting stuck in massive traffic, listening to bickering children, bickering even more ourselves… you get the picture. But, this was the kind of moment that made all of it worth it. Sun shining, kids happy, gorgeous views, ahhh yes.

The last day in Salzburg was spent downtown.

It was a 15 minute walk from our place along the river.

The downtown…

Doesn’t Joshie look enthralled?

Salzburg Cathedral. How many amazing churches does Europe have?

Chess (or horseback riding)…

Silhouette portraits…

And Mickey Mouse? Don’t worry, I was close by 😳

Then we walked to Mirabelle Gardens…

My Grandpa Rudy (my Dad’s Dad) loved begonias. My Dad and I thought maybe that came from his Austrian heritage. ❤️

We found yet another Park with a VERY fast slide. And yes, I went down it. And nope, it didn’t feel like when I was a kid.

Afterwards, we went out to an Austrian dinner outside with my parents. We were already reminiscing about our favorite parts of the trip.

Whenever we leave a place, I think about how I would like to go back. The reality of that may take a long time. So goodbye Austria, for now…

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