It’s my great honor and pleasure to formally introduce to the world a new program, project, and community, Vue Vixens!

Let me tell a little about the history of the project and how its success has caught me by surprise. I’ve been aware for several years of the existence of various initiatives to help introduce women to programming via the various framework communities I frequent — Django Girls (Python), Rails Bridge (Ruby), and ng-Girls (Angular) are just a few. After having seen the good that they can do by working within a given community, and after having worked with ng-Girls…

So you have an Open Source (FOSS) project. And you need someone to use it? A common problem! As it turns out, the success of a FOSS project is directly dependent on the health of its community.

At the recent All Things Open conference, community-building expert Jono Bacon discussed the critical nature of a healthy community and how it is essential for an open source project. At Progress, I’ve had the privilege of helping build, moderate, mentor and manage two communities: our Developer Experts and our NativeScript Community. The Developer Experts program is a group of 38 community evangelists passionate…

It’s funny how sometimes your side projects can reveal more about your day job than…your actual day job. As a developer, oftentimes your day job’s work is hidden behind VPNs and only visible in hard-to-find Github repos. So many developers boost their portfolios, keep sharp, and keep engaged in the field by spinning up side projects. I’m no different; I launched Ladeez First Media as a side project with one app: PracticeBuddy, written in Objective-C, purely because I was bored with my day job, felt unappreciated, and had just received a new iPhone 4 as a present and was excited…

written by my father, and posted here with his permission

Money is a convenience in commerce and a store of value. And that is
all it is. It is more convenient that bartering and you can use it to trade
now or later. Money is not meritorious. Having money is more
convenient than not having it. The lack of it is not a sign of bad
behavior. It is just a tool and as such it needs to be understood,
maintained, and used properly.

I. Financial Literacy

The lack of understanding of money is the cause of more grief in life than any…

I love to travel, and I especially love to travel in Europe and most particularly in France, which I know well, having studied there many years with the aid of various grants including a Fulbright. I never get tired of wandering the Grands Boulevards or the small side streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris or visiting the small towns in the countryside, mostly because I enjoy looking at beautiful things. …

Jen Looper

Developer Advocate at Telerik, indie educational software mobile developer, musician, dancer, teacher, linguist, multiculturalist. Queen of the Apps!

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