It’s my great honor and pleasure to formally introduce to the world a new program, project, and community, Vue Vixens!

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Let me tell a little about the history of the project and how its success has caught me by surprise. I’ve been aware for several years of the existence of various initiatives to help introduce women to programming via the various framework communities I frequent — Django Girls (Python), Rails Bridge (Ruby), and ng-Girls (Angular) are just a few. …

So you have an Open Source (FOSS) project. And you need someone to use it? A common problem! As it turns out, the success of a FOSS project is directly dependent on the health of its community.

At the recent All Things Open conference, community-building expert Jono Bacon discussed the critical nature of a healthy community and how it is essential for an open source project. At Progress, I’ve had the privilege of helping build, moderate, mentor and manage two communities: our Developer Experts and our NativeScript Community. …

It’s funny how sometimes your side projects can reveal more about your day job than…your actual day job. …


Jen Looper

Developer Advocate at Telerik, indie educational software mobile developer, musician, dancer, teacher, linguist, multiculturalist. Queen of the Apps!

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