Attack of the bros, and other things

There was a tweet, comparing Al Jazeera to Al Qaeda, because Islamophobia apparently runs rampant for people in sports media. I’m not surprised.

I was upset, though, that the man who tweeted it has over a hundred thousand followers and, it appears, a job.

That’s what I don’t have. A job.

I went to grad school because of many reasons. One being that I didn’t like my options for jobs and i felt like I needed to improve my writing. I have an incredibly low self-esteem and self-worth when it comes to my writing.

Not hearing back from any jobs and being rejected by UC Berkeley and Arizona State left me crushed. I was slowly becoming adjusted to being a failure as a writer.

I was accepted to the University of Southern California, though, and I took it. And I learned that maybe I was good enough as a writer. At least, I was told that I had potential.

Journalism is a tough industry. It’s tougher when you’re a woman — or, in my case, female-presenting genderfluid femme — and a person of color, because you can start to assume that those factors are why you didn’t get a job. Throw in the fact that you’re outspoken and maybe you’re an HR nightmare.

I was called, among other things, a “cunt”. I was outspoken, so slurs were thrown my way. I was pointing out the privilege that exists that lets a man tweet out ignorance and play it off as a joke without any consequence.

I’m tired of people getting away with bigoted comments and I am but one person. But I am one person who could get a conversation going. So what did I do? I spoke.

And I got harassment.

This is toxic masculinity. This is defending your brothers for solidarity without thinking about what’s at stake.

This is a hive mind and being a sheep. Defend a bigoted leader when he says “attack”.

This is not unusual or new, but it is tired and played out.

I have my insecurities about my writing. I will always, always, always be anxious whenever I put a new piece out.

But I won’t be silenced. I’m a writer and I write. I’m a human and I will fight for better standards in writing.

A website that lets their readership attack a woman for criticizing one of their male writers is nothing but cowardice.

And I will not let that slide.

Written by

A sports writer and data nerd. Mills College ’15, USC ‘16.

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