2015 — Lemons into lemonade

“Push down to rise up” — says my yoga teacher. You try and get off your butt without pushing down. 2015 started out with a lot of pushing down. I have no issues with turning 30, but being dumped the day after your 30th birthday party, well…(oh yeah, holding that grudge a while longer). Sitting amongst ‘Happy Birthday’ cards when a relationship shatters is horrid. I swiftly moved out and two house moves and a new job later, I am soooo grateful for dodging that bullet. Yes, time is a great healer, but time f***ing slows down when you’re in pain.

So in my pick-your-d***-self-up-attitude, I put one foot forward each day, sometimes back a bit, then forward a bit more. I kept reminders of good things from the year. 2015 wasn’t the year that I got rejected, it was the year that I:

  • Declared that a fear of heights wasn’t going to stop me — rickety ferris wheel — tick!; bruised knees and back from barely-stuck-together-rollercoaster ride with eyes open and arms out — tick! times 3!
  • Discovered that I love going to the cinema on my own. Watch whatever I want. No one’s making miss trailers.
  • Found I can suffer the cold and delirious lack of sleep by sleeping ‘rough’ for charity. (And that mildew covers everything!)
  • Tried public speaking and found that I can keep my heart beats inside.
  • Found my values in being more veggy, healthy and minimalist, and the joy of meaningful conversations.
  • Can just be me at work and share all my skills and all my quirkiness.
  • Found hobbies! (Many years spent not knowing what I actually like doing.)
  • Discovered my creative, abundant and passionate self.
  • Met my future potential self in 5 years’ time at a Future Brunch. (I’m predicted to have twins! This would definitely align with my efficient self.)

So, what am I trying to say? That your own happiness is only limited by how much effort you put in.

You going to eat the lemon or make it into lemonade first?

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