American empire = Borg = Resistance to buy weapons is futile

A friend had this book, ‘Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism’, which I borrowed to see whether my ideas that humanity is currently doomed to repeat itself, are in any way valid. My knowledge of history is crap and I purposely choose not to watch or read the news as it bums me out (don’t need speculation about how I’m going to die, thank you, got a life to live). It was published in 2007, just before global economy imploded. I hope that I have understood the ideas and wisdom of the 90-year-old author, Eric Hobsbawm.

So here’s what he led me to think:

Governments are dumb and short-sighted

You hurt us, we hurt you; you hurt us more, we hurt you more; you kill us; we kill us…You really think that shooting the bad guys will sufficiently lead to positive change? If politicians aren’t going to learn from history, then they should at least watch sci-fi (I recommend Stargate and Star Trek in particular) and learn how people respond against adversity and external intervention.

It’s one thing getting help to deal with a neighbour from hell, but another to move in, complain about how the living room looks, order new furniture and then bugger off when it breaks.

World War III is already here

It seems the world is constantly in a state of war and peace. Whilst there are fewer combatants compared to previous world wars, the affect on civilians is global. Millions of people are being displaced.

There is no fair game with war now, innocent people going about their day-to-day lives, children even, are no longer off limits. Now it’s just a matter of who can destroy who first. Media fuels this tit for tat perverse show.

If the American government was an individual…

It would be a teenager, young yet so confident in what is right. It’s determined to get it’s way, it’s American way of life as it knows no other way of being. It seeks to convert others to its belief system because any other system is an assault to its.

With no global body to settle disputes, powerful governments like America can just outright disregard them. For one, America chooses not to relinquish its own weapons. It seems to be selling propaganda to itself. Other than fighting power, it has no pulling power with money so it has to drive its fighting power even more so. Thus it needs ‘enemies’ to justify its military power.

Reminders to self

  • Everyone’s got an agenda, in particular, to maintain its current state of being.
  • Solutions are internal — Only those experiencing the suffering first hand can tell you what can make a real difference.
  • It’s just pure luck that was I born into a safe home.
Loss and pain are a part of life, out of our control, but how we respond to it, that’s in our control. Are you going to drive more pain and suffering or are you going to create a solution?

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