On the romance of feet

Illustration by Jenny Chang-Rodriguez

When I was a baby, I was caught in my mother’s ribs. That was how she explained my deformed legs to me.

“There wasn’t enough room in my belly for you,” she told me while I knelt in front of the coffee table in the crappy duplex and scribbled in my coloring book. She’d removed my braces for the afternoon so I could play unencumbered. “Your legs got squished inside me.”

My mother was a leggy blond dancer, and I fantasized about growing to look just like her. I even liked her feet, which were big enough to make shoe…

Diehl’s collection gives unique ideas, vibrant images, and a lyrical style to short concentrated narratives.

Dana Diehl
Short Stories | 134 Pages | 5.2” x 8” | Reviewed: Electronic ARC
978–1999974107 | Revised and Expanded Edition | $9.99
Splice | Birmingham, England | BUY HERE

Machado’s collection is a genre-bending blend of sci-fi, literary fiction, folklore, ghost stories, and contemporary media.

Carmen Maria Machado
Stories | 248 Pages | 5.6” x 8.2” | Reviewed: Paperback
978–1555977887 | First Edition | $16.00
Graywolf Press | Minneapolis | BUY HERE

Nash’s short novel is electric, sensual, and brutally human, and explores the boundaries of sexual desire.

Elle Nash
Novel | 128 Pages | 5.8” x 8.8” | Reviewed: Electronic ARC
978–1–938604–43–0 | First Edition | $16.95
Dzanc Books | Ann Arbor | BUY HERE

Scott’s versatile, innovative story collection demonstrates his range with traditional & experimental pieces that defy typical structure.

Rion Amilcar Scott
Stories | 208 Pages | 6” x 9” | Reviewed: Paperback
978–0–8131–7440–2 | First Paperback Edition | $19.95
University Press of Kentucky | Lexington | BUY HERE

Jen Corrigan

Jen Corrigan is a prose writer. She writes book reviews for The Coil.

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