How I Really Feel

I held it all in, feeling like my eyes were going to tell you my hurt. I loved you so deeply, so rare for me, I can not feel my body right now. I am completely numb, and unaware of how quickly I could be swept away by the most amazing heart that breathes on this earth. I take a deep breath and let it out trying to swoosh away the feeling I get when he is close to me. To lay with him in his arms was as close to heaven as I am ever going to be able to explain. My heart hurts so bad and the emptiness that others spoke of creeps with in me , making me so uncomfortably right now.

I was fooled by the depth of love achievable — fooled that two people could love unconditionally in this scary yet beautiful place.

If love is what your heart needs and wants- no games, no hugh expectations, no limits.. I will be longing for you to return and look me in the eyes and at that very moment I’ll know…….we are ready to begin are love together…..

If you never return to hold my hand, kiss my forehead or look in my eyes, please know you were always the one, and will always have a piece of my heart.