Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Spring cleaning tips are a warm welcome, especially for busy moms. It is a great way to get rid of junk and remove the “dusty” old house smell of the winter blues. Spring cleaning also means that busy sunlit days are around the corner.

However, cleaning with kids running about can be a great challenge. In fact, it can sometimes be a nightmare. But with a few spring cleaning tips, you will have your home sparkling and well organized in no time.

Get the Family Involved

Sometimes asking for help can take a huge load off of your shoulders. Even little chores can make a big difference in your work load. One easy way to get the family involved in spring cleaning is to make a list of assigned chores. You can either mark chores on the calendar or use high tech software to draw up a schedule. Another great way to get help in the house is to assign a day for cleaning. On the assigned day for carpet cleaning, turn on some music to make it fun. Also, make sure to have special snacks and beverages to make it feel more like a party and not work.

Organize the Toys

It does not take long before the kids toys are in disarray. First, have the kids separate the toys into piles — donate, sell, garbage and keep. Next, organize the toys by categories and place them in bins. For example, have a bin for legos, another container for chalk, etc. Also, make sure to organize the books. If you have numerous books, you might want to consider getting another bookshelf.

Clean Out Your Closets

Oftentimes our closets are the catchall place for items we do not know what to do with. In fact, sometimes just opening the closet door can send items tumbling down. First, remove unwanted items. Next, sort through the items and put them where they belong. For instance, shoes in the living room closet should go into the bedroom and golf clubs could be stored in the garage.

Clean Out the Pantry

Over the winter the pantry seems to get disorderly. First off, get rid of food that you do not want. You can donate the products or give them to a friend. Next, start on the top shelf. Remove everything so that you can clean the surface. Also, when placing the products back on the shelf, make sure to rotate food storage sets by date.

Get Rid of Clutter

One of the best ways to make your home sparkle is to get rid of clutter. You can start with simple things like the artwork that muddles up your refrigerator. Place your kids art in a special storage bin or maybe place the artwork into a scrapbook.

Another way to get rid of clutter is to start in one corner of a room and work your way around. You will be amazed at the ‘junk’ you have collected through the year. You can do you deep cleaning while you are organizing and downsizing.

Tackle the Garage

The garage is another space that collects items that seem to quickly pile up. Before long, there are numerous boxes and piles that are in disarray. One of the best ways to organize the garage is to make room in the overhead space. You can add planks of wood or other base structures so that items can be safety and easily stored. For simplistic organizing, invest in some stackable plastic containers, preferably see-through. You can also buy labels so that the containers are marked. That way when you are looking for special items like Christmas ornaments, they are easily found.

Tackling the Outdoors

After a long winter, the yard and patio can look disheveled. Before planting spring flowers or other plants, it is best to clean the yard up a bit. Start with the basics such as piled branches, garbage that the wind brought in and items that got moved or misplaced. You should also clean your back and front patio before sunny days have you running. Places to clean are the tables, weathered pottery, nooks and crannies that collect leaves, outdoor furniture and the BBQ grill.