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Three Lessons on Focus to Supercharge Your Startup

When I first interviewed WeFestival Co-founder Joanne Wilson in February 2015 she highlighted the importance of young girls having role models. While I listened to her insight, I didn’t fully grasp the message until I needed role models myself.

I have a deep appreciation for the women in my life, from my grandmother to Joanne, who not only lead their lives in a way I admire but are committed to shepherding the next generation. Jenny Lefcourt, Partner at Freestyle Capital, is one I’m fortunate to call a role model and a great friend. No matter when I call or what I need, she is always there to listen and provide actionable, honest, and relatable insight.

Jenny and her team at Freestyle — Image Credits: Christopher Michel

I’m thrilled to have Jenny as our first interview for #WeLEARN. As a serial entrepreneur and investor, she has a unique perspective on the startup world, sharing tactical insights from both sides of the table. We walk through three lessons from her first pitches at Kleiner Perkins in the late 1990’s to her work helping entrepreneurs navigate the same challenges at Freestyle. Each lesson stems back to the critical importance of cultivating and maintaining an unwavering sense of focus.

Never lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing.

Here’s a glimpse of what we discuss in today’s featured episode:

  • Jenny’s light bulb focus moment and how she learned which tasks to prioritize
  • The power of working backwards — Ask yourself: Where do I want to be a year from now? What metrics do I need to achieve to get there?
  • How to prepare your startup pitch — Practice really does make perfect
  • Interpreting VC behavior; “Talk is cheap. Action and time are everything.”
  • Making the right bets with your capital; “Use your capital as ammunition, not oxygen.”

You can also follow Jenny on Forbes for entrepreneurship and fundraising advice, as well as great profiles on women entrepreneurs. Read her latest on Denise Thomas, Founder of Apple Pie Capital.

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