The Guilt That Comes With Selling ‘Hamilton’ Tickets on the Secondary Market
The Billfold

Ugh, okay. Everyone “involved” with the show is “not doing well.” There is a lot of complexity with union regulations and ongoing salary negotiations, etc. The producers, creators, and stars are doing well. But there are a ton of people who work on any show, and they are not all rolling in dough by any means. While I cringe at the idea of reselling any tickets for a profit, I do appreciate your angst about it. Lots of other folks would not be nearly as torn. That all being said, dude, you’re not allowed to take photos of the set!!!!! I know tons of people get away with it because the *woefully underpaid* ushers didn’t catch them, but you’re still not allowed to do it. In any professional theatre. Ever.

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