My Country, My Struggle

A country is made up of its people — the good and the bad, the poor and the rich, the superior and the inferior, the royalties and the commoners, the bumiputera and the non, the politicians and the others. Everyone.

So when you talk about your nation, think before speaking. When you say you hate your nation, remember where you were brought up.

I’m not writing this because I’m some patriotic saint who thinks Malaysia is the best country in the world and lets all be happy and live under the rainbow as unicorns. No. Malaysia is not perfect, it is in fact far from it. We shouldn’t be happy with where we are, because it’s really full of shit. Other than the bigger states, most states are still so far behind in terms of education, thinking, infrastructure, et cetera. Christ, it’ll take us decades or even centuries to become a proper first world country.

But you know what, we’re a developing nation. DEVELOPING. And that means something. Developing, a continuous present tense, it is an on-going process. And for Malaysia to develop, it takes time, effort and resources. The only way to gather all these things is if the people are willing to sacrifice. I’m not saying all of us should lay our life down to be politicians and join DAP or whatever. By no means am I saying that, because that’s NOT the only way you can change a country. I’m asking YOU, to choose to see pass the injustice, the filth, the hatred.. and choose to love and serve Malaysia in your own way.

Change starts from within. If you want to change a country, you gotta change the people; to change the people, you’ve gotta educate them; to educate them, you first have to be changed yourself. How do you expect the country to change if all you do is profess your hatred for your nation? So you hate Malaysia because of Najib? Wow. That’s amazing. You allow ONE person to make you hate a nation. Or lets group it together — you allow CORRUPTION to make you hate a nation? What on earth. Why would you choose to let corruption, racism, sexism or whatever it is to rule you. Why do YOU give it the POWER to make you detest something. These negative things are already ruling the nation, so instead of allowing it to affect you even more, why not you try to stop it.

You say it’s impossible. Prove it to me. You can’t, can you? Because you can’t prove the inability to do something, you can only prove the ability to do it. You say, they even cheat during elections, there’s corruption on such a massive scale, how do we change that? Well, we start the change from within. How many of us bribed to get our driver’s license? How many of us pay 50bucks just to get off a roadblock or speeding ticket or whatever.



This infuriates me so much. To the point I’m actually tearing writing this. Because boy, I love Malaysia so damn much. I love the people, the food, everything. And I will not allow the corrupted politicians, the pollution, the negatives mindsets, or anything to have the power to stop me from loving my nation. The nation that born and bred me. The nation that made me who I am.

Corruption is infesting our country, it is consuming us. We are so closely associated to that filthy word, that when you think Malaysia, you think corruption, injustice… Corruption didn’t start with Najib, and it won’t end with Najib.

But this stops NOW. If we, as Malaysians are willing to work towards it.

You have the power to make a change, you just have to decide if you want to.

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