Why I Do What I Do

All of it. Every post, Every client call, Every meeting, Every article, Every tweet, is in the hopes of healing others in some way. 
I try to do my small part to love and help my fellow brothers and sisters in this time.

Maybe it’s selfish.
But it physically hurts me thinking that someone out there may feel even 20% of the sadness I once felt. So I try daily to send out love, light, inspiration, or even just a moment of connection and awareness that you’re not alone in what you feel.

You are never alone.
You are not crazy.
You are not wrong.

If there is ever a day where you are down, sad, angry, hurt, or miserably depressed Please Remember that you are not alone and that So Many people who are Now very happy are Only as happy as they are because they Were Once terribly depressed.

I was first diagnosed with depression disorder in my childhood. Stripped of my agency to believe in the potential of happiness. Bereft of the choice to choose to feel happy because I was told it was impossible.

I spent 22 years of my life in a silent and lonely depression. 
Constantly in and out of horrible despair. 
Even moments of happiness had the dark shadow looming over it reminding me that the fog would quickly come back and cover any memory of a “good” feeling. 
I considered ending it all many times.

I had so many long moments truly deeply believing that I would never get out of this vast and endless black hole. 
… But I did.

In most of my posts I try to share daily mediations I think of throughout the day from the awareness of my new state of being. I usually try to love, motivate, inspire, and remind you of the beauty in life. I try to share some light on some of the ways I got out of this old place and how I came to be who I am now.

I don’t usually talk about where I once was because this isn’t about me.

I’m not here to be recognized, I’m here to recognize you. 
So this is why I don’t usually talk about how I once was. But if it may show you that I feel you, I’m with you, I’ve been there too, I still am sometimes… Maybe it’ll bring some light and love into any space of pain you may have.
I love you.

I believe in you.
I see the light in you. 
This is what I’m here to do

. . .

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