You Are In Control of Your Heart

Jenna Galbut
Mar 16, 2016 · 2 min read

You have every potential feeling within you. Certain people, in certain moments, invite the feeling to rise in you.
The feelings that last…The ache, the pain, the love, the expansion…last because you are continually choosing to feel them.

No feeling lasts more than 90 seconds naturally unless you decide to feel it for longer.

Don’t give others too much power over your state of heart.
Not for the good and not for the bad.

Consider this:
When in a relationship- If you say they make you feel so loved, they make you feel wanted, they make you feel happy you are subconsciously creating an addiction and a belief that you can only feel this way due to this other person. When in truth those feelings are not made and given to you by this other person, they are only activated.
What do you think will happen when you no longer feel those elated feelings?
You will blame them, because you will assume they are no longer giving you the love that made you feel those things.
Or you will start thinking that there’s something wrong with the relationship because they no longer “make you feel” love.

Upon a breakup, If you say- “they hurt me so much, they make me feel so sad, they make me miserable.”
You are giving your responsibility for your feelings to them. If you chuck your accountability out the window you lower your ability to recognize your choice to feel what you wish. If you give them this power of hurting you then subconsciously they also are the only one with the power to heal you! You will not be able to recognize in what ways you brought yourself to feel this way. You will not learn the lessons you need to learn right now.

Every time you feel ache or love or pain or elation from an interaction with another, it is because they are activating something within you.

All that these people did was awaken a part within you. They simply shined a light on specific regions of your well of feelings. They unlocked a door of a room full with an emotion, but don’t forget that 1. You gave them the key and 2. The room was, is, and always will be within you.

Remember this.

Take ownership of your heart!
Nothing makes or breaks you other than YOU!

. . .

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