There Are Ways To Use Less Plastic While Traveling Abroad- Purify Your Own Water.

The last thing I think about while packing for a trip abroad is drinking water. My fortunate reality is that tap water that is more regulated than bottled water (generally) and what comes out of my tap is fresh alpine water which actually tastes better than bottled.

I forget that in other places this is unfortunately not the case.

So I pack my clothes and toiletries without a second thought about one of the main necessities of life and head out on my adventure. Once I arrive, I am quickly reminded that I will be drinking bottled water for the remainder of my trip, as my digestive system can’t handle the local pathogens.

And this I have issues with. Using plastic bottle upon plastic bottle wears on me. I feel leaving a trail of once used plastic behind in my wake while visiting a place that isn’t mine is disrespectful. I mean, I don’t like when people come to my town and leave behind their plastic bottles. I guess I’m just anti-plastic bottle.

But it is a dilemma while traveling and not having a clean tap as an option. So I looked into it, asked other travelers, and then researched the various options for purifying water while traveling. I looked into activated charcoal, UV light treatments, chemical solutions, and even grapefruit seed extract. All options that I heard about from other travelers.

And it was interesting. I learned what exactly makes us sick while traveling and the symptoms of each. And which purifiers are most effective, simple to use, affordable, and lightweight.

Check it out here.

Check it out here.